Our accommodations in Poetto and Quartiere del sole districts

Here are the B&Bs, guest houses, apartments and holiday homes in the district of


Casa Spano Bed and Breakfast

VIA TRIESTE 131, Selargius (CA) - 09047


Sa Babbaiola Bed and Breakfast

Via Guglielmo Pepe, 79, 09134 Cagliari CA, Italia


Su Cuccuru Apartment

via virgilio lilli, 6 09134 cagliari

THE DISTRICTS OF Poetto and quartiere del sole

The Quartiere del Sole was born in the 80’s and is a residential neighborhood of buildings and independent houses bordering the areas of La Palma and Calamosca, Viale Poetto and the Saline di Stato. Rich and peaceful area of the city, it is the perfect deal for those who want to stay close to the sea.

The Poetto district start from the Marino Hospital to Marina Piccola. Along the 8km of coastline there are bathing establishments and stands, which during the day are lounge bars or restaurants and at night become real hubs of the city’s summer nightlife with parties and concerts. On the beach, you can see the impressive view of the “la Sella del Diavolo” and it is possible to play any kind of sport and tournaments such as beach tennis, beach volleyball etc.